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Benjamin d'Hardemare

Founder of FinImpact

Created by Planetic lab

Independent impact laboratory

Planetic Lab has created FinImpact to help entrepreneurs and financiers value their impacts. As capitalist accounting does not reveal the positive and negative impacts of organisations, full accounting is needed to value actions useful to the common good.

Origin of FinImpact

From impact startup studio to impact finance

Planetic is an impact start-up studio registered in 2009 to create businesses with a high social and environmental impact.

In 2014, Planetic opened the Planetic Lab, an independent impact laboratory, located in the Palais Brongniart.

From 2018 to 2021, Planetic was a director of FAIR (ex-Finansol) and contributed to the joint work of France Invest and the Forum for Responsible Investment (FIR), which resulted in a demanding definition of impact investment.

Based on these experiences, Planetic is creating the FinImpact® R&D programme to pursue its commitment to an economy that truly serves the common good.
The BilanImpact is a product of FinImpact.

Our 3 jobs at Planetic Lab


Shared offices and facilities, events at the Palais Brongniart;
Partners: France Active Ile-de-France, France Barter, Koreis, Fair, EVPA.

Provision of employees paid by the startup studio before the companies are created, then paid directly by the companies once they are created;
Reference: Planetic (for AlterMassage, Biota, LudAccess, Entr'Elèves, etc.)

Studies conducted by entrepreneurs and researchers to model new high-impact solutions, co-financed by the ANRT, sponsors and companies;
Reference: test in 2022.


Teaching on entrepreneurship and SSE in academic courses for universities or schools;
TD entrepreneurship socail at the Institut Catholique de Paris (September 2021)

Consulting in the creation of impact businesses and workstations, financed by sponsors;
Theme: agri, tech, disability, scouting
References: Fondation Carasso, Fondation Sopra-Steria, Seabird.

Impact business creation training paid for by employers, OPCO, Pôle Emploi, CPF or sponsors;
Reference: test in 2022.


Experimentation with economic, social and environmental impact assessment methodologies;
Bilan impact® method (in progress)
Bilan biodiversité®, Bilan climat®, Label FinImpact® (2022)

Impact measurement services based on methods created by Planetic and/or partners
Test in 2021.

Development of solutions for collaborative and semi-automatic impact certification;
Test in 2022.
Test in 2021.

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Head of AuditImpact


Impact Assessment Officer

Cynthia Rakotoniaina

Digital Project Manager


Web Developer


UX/UI Designer

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